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“The staff is so friendly & helpful. I really felt like they cared about me & I was not just a client or a number to them. They made me feel like family.

– C.P.

“I had a landlord trying to screw me. Rocky fixed the problem for me then wouldn’t take my money. My attorney for life.

– L. Jones

“The other big firm I tried to hire didn’t call me back. I called Rocky and he was ON IT the same day. Then he totally won my case for me.

– G. Sparks

“Rocky got me a great deal and called to tell me my check was ready. Awesome.

– B. Griffin

“I am so grateful with this firm for their generosity and support all through my case.

– M.H.

“Mr. Haire wouldn’t put up with their nonsense. Took my case to court and won big time!

– B.G.

Rocky is my bulldog.

– W.C.

I couldn’t believe how much money they got me!

– E.S.

“The insurance adjustor ignored me until Mr. Haire got on board.

– A.H.

“Rocky came to me because I couldn’t get off work. They said I should take the offer because it was high enough. They could’ve taken my money and didn’t. I’ll never go anywhere else.

– M. Asmadi

“I was surprised how much those guys knew about the law. They’re great.

– J.M.

“Rocky was very efficient but meticulous in the handling of my case. He explained my rights thoroughly and kept me informed of all negotiations. I would highly recommend his services!

– M.G.