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The motorcycle accident lawyers at our firm are also motorcycle riders. We know that cycles do not provide much protection in an accident and that injuries from motorcycle accidents are usually very severe. Serious brain trauma, broken limbs, road rash, disfigurement, spinal cord injuries, and death can result from motorcycle accidents. It is critical to obtain medical attention immediately. It is also critical to discuss your accident injury with a skilled and knowledgeable motorcycle accident lawyer. Contact Rocky Haire at our law firm for a free initial consultation with a Denton or Dallas motorcycle accident lawyer.

Sign Nothing

Immediate medical attention is necessary because insurance companies are often interested in settling quickly, before the full extent of a rider?s injuries is obvious. Learn the full extent of your accident injuries and sign nothing before speaking with an experienced motorcycle accident injury lawyer.

Motorcycle Crashes and Causes

Whether you were riding a Harley or a Honda, seek legal and medical attention after an accident. Motorcycle crashes usually involve distracted, inattentive, or drunk drivers, or hazardous road conditions, and can result in:

  • a motorcycle being forced off the road
  • a head-on collision with the other vehicle
  • a motorcycle being hit at the side or rear
  • a motorcycle going down in the road, vulnerable to other traffic
  • a motorcycle being tossed in the air

Legal Representation by a Fellow Motorcyclist

Our cycle-riding, motorcycle crash lawyers understand the prejudice and bias that are often directed at motorcycle operators, first-hand. In accidents involving motorcycles, we know that the motorcycle driver often is assumed to be at fault. Our Texas attorneys, Rocky Haire, know how to combat this bias in pursuing your claim for motorcycle injuries suffered as a result of the carelessness or inattention of another driver.

A used car dealer has a duty to discover and repair any obvious defects in the vehicle, or defects that are reasonably discoverable.

Contact Rocky Haire at the Denton or Dallas office of Haire Law Firm to schedule an initial consultation about Motorcycle Accidents.