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Injuries to children are among the most distressing. Very young children cannot really communicate their suffering or their understanding of an accident. Older children may somehow think that an accident was “their fault.” Adolescents are on the threshold of adult life. As parents ourselves, have a genuine understanding of your situation. Our Denton and Dallas child injury attorneys, Rocky Haire, provide you with skilled and persistent representation when your child is injured in an accident.

Why You Need Compensation for a Child’s Injury

While compensation cannot erase the fear, the anguish, and the pain your family is experiencing, it can help with medical bills, rehabilitation, emotional suffering, nursing care at home, and many of the costs associated with a serious accident to your child. To discuss filing an accident injury claim for your child’s injures, contact the compassionate and knowledgeable accident injury lawyers at our firm today. Contact Haire Law Firm, to schedule a free initial consultation.

Causes of Injuries to Children

Injuries to children caused by the carelessness or negligence of another person take many forms, including those resulting from:

  • swimming pool accidents
  • pedestrian accidents
  • defective air bags / car seats
  • truck accidents
  • car accidents
  • birth injuries
  • defective bike helmets
  • dog bites

Sign Nothing before Talking to a Lawyer

Whatever the cause of the injuries to your child, it is important to contact a skilled pediatric injury lawyer immediately, before you sign anything from an insurance company. Insurance companies are interested only in minimizing how much they need to pay out, and will often want to settle. Settlements seldom cover the medical bills, let alone the emotional cost to your family when a child is injured.

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