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Construction sites and oil and gas rigs are very dangerous places to work. Frequently, there are serious injuries and deaths. Often the accidents that caused these deaths and injuries could have been prevented. If you have been injured in an explosion, damaged by falling scaffolding or hurt by using defective equipment, contact our construction site accident attorneys at Haire Law Firm We have skilled investigators, a reputation for persistence and determination, and a winning track record.

Our Denton and Dallas construction site accident attorney may be able to obtain compensation for your injuries.

Types of Accidents

Haire Law Firm has obtained compensation for people injured at construction sites, gas fields, and offshore oil rigs. Our clients have sustained injuries in a wide range of circumstances. Their injuries have resulted from circumstances involving:

  • explosions
  • violations of safety rules
  • failure to properly train employees
  • exposure to toxic chemicals
  • noise and vibrations
  • falls
  • fires
  • fatigued employees
  • dangerous equipment
  • defective front end loaders
  • truck driver error
  • failure to guard
  • electrocutions
  • ungrounded power tools
  • defective scaffolding
  • falling objects

Oil Rig / Construction Site Accidents and Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation seldom covers all the costs arising from an injury on an oil rig or at a construction site. To obtain fair compensation for you, our knowledgeable injury lawyers will identify third-party liability for your injuries. Contractors, sub-contractors, equipment manufacturers and suppliers, and other employees may all be the subject of investigation by our skilled Denton and Dallas oil & gas rig construction site accident attorneys and staff. We explore every possible source of compensation for your gas field, oil rig, and construction site injuries.

Construction site and oil rig injuries are often very serious and even fatal. Such injuries deserve the kind of determination our attorneys bring to an oil or gas rig and construction site accident case.

Contact Rocky Haire at the Denton or Dallas office of Haire Law Firm to schedule an initial consultation about Construction Site Accidents.