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Airplanes are usually one of the safest forms of transportation. That’s why, when there is an accident, someone is almost always at fault. Pilot error, maintenance negligence, control tower miscalculations, and other mistakes are often the cause of aviation accidents.

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Airplane accidents usually result in many serious injuries and fatalities. Our skilled accident injury attorneys at Haire Law Firm, understand the issues related to wrongful death and serious injuries in aviation accidents. Contact us at our Denton and Dallas, Texas law firm to discuss filing a claim for wrongful death or serious injuries related to an aviation accident. It is important to contact an accident attorney right away if you or a family member has been injured or killed in an aviation accident, as there may be a limited amount of time for filing claims.

Complexity of Aviation Accidents

Obtaining compensation for wrongful death or serious injuries from aviation crashes requires special knowledge and persistence. In cases involving international aviation accidents, treaty provisions may apply. The Federal Aviation Administration is involved in all airplane accidents. The National Transportation Safety Administration usually manages the crash site. There are numerous competing interests and agencies involved when an airplane crashes, which is why you needed an aviation accident lawyer with knowledge in this field to protect your interests.

Personal Injury Lawyers and Aviation Crashes

There is no established body of law that applies solely to aviation accidents. That is why the experience of a personal injury attorney can be extremely useful in aviation accident injury claims. There are often financial caps on aviation accident claims. However, a skilled personal injury lawyer, such as those at Haire Law Firm, is in the best position to demonstrate negligence on the part of the airline. If negligence can be proven, the airline will be responsible for providing compensation for injuries or wrongful death, whether or not there is a cap.

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