A second wrongful death lawsuit was filed in the shooting death of a mother by a Richardson police office, according to the Dallas Morning News. The officer, Jack Kermes, claimed that he shot Emily Krumeri because he was fearful for his life when he attempted to pull Krumeri over for a traffic stop in April 2013. Krumeri refused to stop initially, but according to Kermes, eventually slowed down as if she were going to stop. Instead, she made contact with him, and Kermes fired his gun, which killed Krumeri. Krumeri’s family, however, alleged that the officer was far enough away from her vehicle and was not in immediate danger. About a year later, a wrongful death lawsuit was filed on behalf on one of her children, and settled that April. The second lawsuit comes from another one of Krumeri’s children, and was filed by the child’s father.

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