The lawsuit of Ebola nurse and survivor, Nina Pham, has been interrupted by a state district judge, according to the Dallas Morning News. Pham did not seek workers’ compensation after she contracted the deadly disease last October while caring for the first U.S. case of Ebola at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas. The hospital’s owner, Texas Health Resources, wants the lawsuit to be dismissed and instead handled through workers’ compensation, which would present the case in a separate court. Pham and her lawyers believe her case in unique in that through the fault and of training by THR, she and another nurse contracted Ebola. Pham, whose lawsuit does not name the hospital that employed her, also alleges that they released her information to the public without her permission. State District Judge Martin Hoffman issued a temporary restraining order on Monday, and a full hearing will likely be held within two weeks, but no date is set.

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