Domino’s Pizza is being held ‘partially responsible’ for a crash involving a delivery driver in Beaumont, Texas, with the jury awarding 32 million to the family of the victims last month. The accident, which was determined to be caused by the delivery driver’s worn tires and speeding, killed 65-year-old Ruth Christopher and permanently disabled her husband, Devavaram Christopher. According to an Associated Press article, the family’s attorney, Domino’s provides bonuses and other incentives to their drivers for fast delivery, a system which may have lead to the fatal crash. However, it appears the Christopher family’s fight is not over yet: Domino’s Pizza has expressed their intent to appeal the decision, on the basis that the delivery driver wasn’t working for the company – he was an employee of a Domino’s Pizza independent franchise.

Whether or not the jury upholds this decision if an appeal is made, it is clear the Christopher family has suffered an enormous tragedy. Hopefully this can serve as a lesson for all companies that offer food delivery to regularly inspect their drivers’ cars. If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in an accident and you believe another party is at fault, please contact the Haire Law office by visiting the contact us page or call 940-484-5555. Our personal injury attorneys can evaluate your case and help you take the next step.