The families of those injured and killed in the West, Texas fertilizer plant explosion will have to wait a while longer to hear just what caused the April 17th accident due to the federal government shutdown, according to the Dallas Morning News. The accident, which left 15 dead and over 300 injured, had inspired federal effort to investigate the explosion and seek to improve chemical safety in plants like that in West. President Obama has issued a deadline of November 1st for the committee to submit its findings and make future recommendations, but it’s likely this will not be met. One possible outcome is the recommendation that state law require plants to carry liability insurance; in Texas, no such law exists currently. Despite this, the West plant did have a policy of $1 million – but unfortunately, the estimated property loss is a much higher number.

As for the families of the victims: several have already begun filing suits against the plant. If and when the investigation concludes, and negligence is found on the part of the West plant, more victims will be sure to follow. If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident and you believe there was negligence, contact Haire Law. We can evaluate your case and help you take the next step. Visit the contact us page or call 940-484-5555.