After deciding to take a case, a trial lawyer has only two options, either to settle the claim or try the case. A good trial advocate has the proper positive mental attitude from the very beginning – to try the client’s case to verdict. With such a positive frame of mind, you will have made all the necessary preparations to negotiate a much better settlement for your client. On the other hand, if you go forward with a lawsuit only with the intent of settling the claim, more likely than not, you will end up with a settlement that is considerably less than the case may actually be worth. Even worse, you might try it to an unsuccessful verdict.

The Total Trial System works as a road map to plot the most direct route or in your case to provide you with a step-by-step guide for a favorable settlement or verdict.

How does The Total Trial System work? It’s very easy and simple. You begin your trip by working forward from your stated goals, as will be expressed in your proposed closing argument to the jury. In other words, with The Total Trial System you start preparing for the trial by beginning to plan for the closing argument you will give to the jury. Obviously, before you can plot your trip destination, you must of necessity have a beginning point.