Marine Corps and Navy Reserve veteran Sergeant Don Gustafson has filed a lawsuit against Zimmer Inc., a company that  produces medical devices such as knee and hip devices, after two plates implanted in his legs failed. A 2007 motorcycle accident left Sgt. Gustafson with broken bones in his lower leg, resulting in him confined to a wheelchair; a problem that Zimmer’s products were supposed to fix, according to WFAA News. Instead, Sgt. Gustafson underwent two surgeries and two consecutive Zimmer plates broke; a third surgery was performed, where he was given a rod, and now has significantly more limited mobility. Sgt. Gustafson’s complaint says that Zimmer not only didn’t report their failures to FDA properly, but made a product that is much weaker than other plates. Sgt. Gustafson will have his chance to confront the company in January, when the trail is set to take place in Collin County.


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