A Central Texas jury found McDonald’s negligent in the 2012 deaths of two teens involved in a fight at the establishment, and awarded $27 million to their parents, according to The Eagle. 18-year-old Denton Ward and a friend were attacked outside of a McDonald’s near Texas A&M and were being transported to the hospital by friends when they became involved in a car accident. The crash killed Ward and his girlfriend, 19-year-old Lauren Bailey Crisp. Their families’ lawyers argued that had the men not been assaulted, they would not have required transportation to the hospital, and Ward and Crisp would have not died on their way there. The McDonalds where the men were attacked had a long history of violent altercations – at least 20 in the 11 months before the incident – and therefore, the restaurant should have provided better security. The defense lawyers for McDonald’s, whom argued that the teens’ drinking prior to their arrival caused the fatal events that night, are likely to appeal the settlement.

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