Six months after recalling a frightening evening in which he and his family were shot at and detained by Dallas police officers, David Blair is suing the two officers involved and the city of Dallas. According to the Dallas Morning News, Blair and his family moved in an Oak Cliff apartment last fall. Blair’s complaint claims that on their first night there, Blair stepped outside to make a phone call, and officers immediately approached him and shined a light in his eyes. After asking the officers to remove the light, which they did, Blair went inside. He then went back outside to make sure everything was okay, and officers shot at him, without cause, fourteen times. He managed to get back inside, securing himself and his family inside a bedroom while he contacted 911. Afterward, an officer contacted him and requested that he and his family come outside. They complied, and Blair was arrested and brought in for questioning. He was later released without any charges filed, and maintains that the officers had no lawful reason to target him.

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