A 16-year-old girl from Joshua, Texas has been seriously injured after a skydiving accident in Oklahoma. Before jumping, Mackenzie Wethington and her father took a six-hour course through the skydiving company, according to MyFOX DFW. Because of Oklahoma’s laws and the static line attached to the plane, which is supposed to deploy the parachutes automatically, they were not required to perform tandem jumps. In Texas, skydivers must be 18 and perform 4 tandem jumps. Mackenzie’s father jumped first, and when Mackenzie jumped, her parachute did not open properly. The instructor attempted to talk the teen through opening the emergency parachute, but she may have blacked out. Mackenzie’s father watched helpless as his daughter fell to the ground, resulting in broken ribs, vertebrae, a broken tooth, and a broken pelvic bone.

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