Seeking damages of up to $1 million, an Illinois man is suing the city of McKinney for a December crash. Brock Bailey alleges that former McKinney police officer Joseph Mark Watson’s negligence led to a collision between the two men in Frisco, Texas earlier this year, according to the Dallas Morning News. Bailey also claims the city of McKinney destroyed evidence to protect Watson, which the city has denied. The accident occurred as Watson was responding to a work-related call; Bailey believes he was going around 110 mph with no sirens or lights, although Watson, who resigned about a month later, said he was going 80 mph. After the two vehicles collided, Bailey was flown to a nearby hospital with broken ribs and crushed hips, among other injuries. Bailey’s complaint also suggests that the city of Frisco’s investigation was sympathetic to the McKinney police department, and the investigation was dropped due to their pressure.

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