Border Patrol has become an increasingly hot topic for states such as Texas that are located on the U.S.-Mexico border during the last few months, and now the mother of a Mexican national teenager killed by Border Patrol agents is taking her case to civil court, according to the Huffington Post. Araceli Rodriguez claims her 16-year-old son was only walking along the street the border wall in the cities of Nogales, Mexico and Arizona at the same time police were there investigating drug smuggling. Police contend that groups of people were throwing rocks at them, but Rodriguez says her son was not a participant and did not pose a threat to the agents. Still, somehow her son became a target for police, and he died after being shot 10 times, a majority of which came from behind him. The FBI investigated the incident, but no criminal charges against the agents were filed. Rodriguez hopes her civil suit against the 10 patrol agents will bring justice in her son’s case.

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