After the death of a mentally ill man in the Tarrant County jail, the family of the man is suing the county in federal court, according to WFAA News. 30-year-old Jonathon Holden was found hanged in his cell, allegedly at the hands of a fellow inmate, Steven Lawayne Nelson, described in the suit as a dangerous and unstable person. The family’s suit claims that the county violated Holden’s rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act, and that his death could have been prevented if Holden was housed with other nonviolent offenders, and placed under the supervision of mental health professionals. Holden’s family also said that they were not notified of his arrest or death, and his body was not released to them. Instead, Holden is buried in a Tarrant County pauper’s grave, but they would like his body exhumed so they can bury him in their family plot in Oklahoma.

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