A three-car accident at the IndyCar championship race in Houston injured drivers, officials, and spectators alike earlier this month. Four-time champion Dario Franchitti’s car went airborne, according to MyFox DFW, after launching over another driver, Takuma Sato’s, car. Franchitti’s car came back down onto the track, and a third driver, E.J. Viso, then hit Sato’s car. Franchitti received multiple injuries, including a concussion, two fractured vertebra and a fractured ankle. An IndyCar official was taken to a hospital with minor injuries. Thirteen fans were also injured, and two were sent to nearby hospitals. The race ended after the accident, while Franchitti waited in badly damaged vehicle for medical attention. Unfortunately, the car racing industry is not new to serious, sometimes deadly, crashed, though fans are not usually injured in them.

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