Halloween, which came and went last week, tends to be a dangerous time for pedestrians and drivers due to the influx of children and parents on the streets going door-to-door. To cut down on potential accidents, some cities create safety guidelines, such as specific times for trick-or-treating. However, two families were changed forever after being involved in auto accidents on Halloween evening. A five-year-old girl from Houston was killed after being struck a van. The girl had darted away from her mother, according to WFAA News, and the driver, described as in his 70’s, hit her. In Cleburne, Texas, a family of three were walking to their car after taking part in a Halloween celebration at Nolan River Mall when they were struck by an oncoming car, according to MyFox DFW. The grandmother received the biggest impact and was airlifted to a nearby hospital with critical injuries. She had pushed her three-year-old grandson out of the way, and he and his mother suffered minor injuries. Criminal charges in both cases are unlikely, but any potential civil charges are unknown at this time.

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