An experienced rock climber fell to her death in Grapevine last month, and police are saying the fall was due to ‘human error.’ Susan Mailloux was using the belay system, which allows climbers to climb without partners, when she fell at the Summit Climbing Gym. Mailloux reached the top of the wall, and let go, according to WFAA News, but Mailloux forgot to clip herself in. The downfall to this system is that climbers do not have to double-check if they are clipped in. Experts believe this is becoming an increasing problem in the industry, causing accidents and injuries. A Minnesota company offers an alarm system that will alert climbers when they leave the ground without being clipped in, but there is no requirement that gyms carry alarms. It begs the question: what responsibility do gyms have to protect their climbers from these kinds of accidents? No such law or regulation currently exists; however, a requirement like this may have saved Mailloux’s life.

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