After the murder of 24-year-old D’Lisa Kelley, a pregnant mother of a toddler, the woman’s family is seeking to change the way Dallas police handle the cases of missing people. According to MyFOX DFW, Kelley’s phone unintentionally made a phone call to her sister, in which Kelley was heard screaming at an unidentified person, leading to Kelley’s grandmother to contact the police about two and a half hours later. It took police nearly 30 minutes to retrieve Kelley’s phone number and ask the cell phone provider for the location, which the provider was not able to find. No officers came to speak with Kelley’s family members that night, either. A week later, Kelley’s body was found in an abandoned house. Kelley’s family, in the midst of wondering if a speedier response would have changed Kelley’s fate, is now working with Justice Seekers Texas, in hopes of creating a ‘Kelley Alert’, similar to an Amber or Silver Alert.

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