A man formerly incarcerated in a Colorado jail has filed a lawsuit, claiming he lost fives toes due to the facility’s negligence, according to the Huffington Post. 47-year-old James Neisler spent time in the Arapahoe County Jail in 2013 while awaiting resolution to a domestic dispute during the burial of his dog. Neisler alleges that while working in the jail’s kitchen in ill-fitting boots, he inflicted a blister on his right big toe. As a diabetic, the injury became more serious as time went on. He requested medical care on July 20th for the injury, but by the time he was taken to the hospital until August 22nd,, the infection had spread to his bone and all five toes on his right foot had to be amputated. The lawsuit names Correctional Healthcare Companies as the responsible party, whom claim Neisler may have contributed to his own injury,

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