An early morning accident involving an 18-wheeler on Monday closed I-30 near downtown Dallas for several hours. It has since reopened after the 18-wheeler crashed into a Kia and hit a traffic barrier, according to MyFOX DFW. The accident caused a major fuel spill from the 18-wheeler’s tank. The driver of the 18-wheeler and the passengers in the Kia suffered minor injuries; whether or not they required hospitalization is not known, as is the cause of the crash, at this time.

Those involved in Monday’s accident are lucky to not have been critically injured or killed, as 18-wheeler accidents tend to more serious than other wrecks due to the vehicle’s size and transportation of hazardous materials. If you or someone you love has been injured or killed in an 18-wheeler accident you believe to be caused by another party, contact Haire Law to speak to a personal injury attorney. Visit the contact us page or call 940-484-5555 for an evaluation of your case.